Serviced Accommodation and HMO Design Masterclass

Feel inspired and gain valuable new skills at one of our practical workshops. It could be one of the most worthwhile days you ever spend.

About our Serviced Accommodation & HMO Design Masterclasses

Gain a solid grounding in all aspects of project design, from the very first stages through to completion of your project.

The training day will guide you through the Design process in real-life order, giving you clarity and confidence as you instruct contractors.

The training will make you aware of design style, as well as the fundamental principles behind all great design, enabling you to create a property that is timeless, stylish and that stands out for all the right reasons.

A well-designed property can lead to a huge increase in valuation and long-term profitability and this training aims to pay for itself many, many times over.

The final part of the course covers the day-to-day running of a successful HMO property and Serviced Accommodation business so that you can gain customer loyalty and achieve a consistently high income.

Our training will help you increase profits

  • Better designed accommodation will attract a higher price and valuation
  • Better designed accommodation will keep residents happy, so they will stay longer, so less voids
  • Better designed property will last longer and cost less to maintain
  • Better designed property will attract a better customer, so it will be easier & cheaper to manage
  • Better designed property will stand out from the crowd and will beat competition

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    26th June 2024

    30th June 2024

What our clients say

“If I have to rate the training, I will give it 10 out of 5. That is a double 5 start, wow... the first time I honestly hear someone tell the truth about property investment...”
Mercy Christabel
“I am humbled and honoured to be awarded a prize from the council for 'Most Improved Property'. Thanks again to Julian Maurice for your online course, this wouldn't have been possible with you.”
Richie Miller
“I am another delighted mentee. Even in a saturated Serviced Accommodation area, my property has attracted people as far as Japan and Australia and I am securing bookings for next year.”
Nancy Allen
“Thank you Julian for your great teachings. This helped to establish our business brand and create a great product. Simple, yet effective design techniques.”
Julia Scoville
“The venue wasn't close to me but it was worth the effort to travel... I can't recommend Julian highly enough.”
Susan Buckmaster
“Superb day training with Julian. I would advise anyone wanting to stand out in property to listen to Julian Maurice.”
Mark Bowen
“A brilliant, very useful day, Julian - congratulations and I hope this will be the first of many! Thank you.”
Naomi Watkins
“My hero for the month, Julian Maurice. He's saving Lianna and I from arguing endlessly over colour schemes!”
Tony Law
pin Host

Includes both printed & online training materials
& access to the Alumni Community

The ticket price also includes access to our Online Masterclass, the printed edition of The Interior Design Guide and supporting PDF format reference materials. Course attendees are invited to join the Icon Living Alumni Community to access further free content, training & support.

Who we've worked with

Icon Living provides training support to Simon Zutzi's Mastermind Groups and delivers training content and editorials to both YPN and Blue Bricks Magazines.

Icon Living is working constantly with property entrepreneurs and developers around the UK and our designs are regularly showcased on social media and in magazine articles.

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