The Interior Design Guide for Property Investors

Interior design expertise, at your fingertips. Our fool-proof guide shows you how to turn any room into a warm, inviting space.

Used by property investors to increase the value of their projects

Our Interior Design & Refurbishment Guide is used by property investors all over the world. It has been laid out in an easy to understand and apply format so that even someone with little or no Interior Design experience can create stunning interiors.

“Your Design Guides are iconic and outstanding masterpieces full of tips, tools and valuable resources all available in one place” Naseem

Good design should be thorough to the last detail

Today there are many investment strategies from development to serviced accommodation, from unfurnished lets to shared accommodation. The Interior Design & Refurbishment Guide has taken all investment styles into consideration. From detailing the perfect neutral colour scheme to vibrant coloured accessories for student lets, everything has been carefully considered so you don’t have to do all the running around.

Contains 100's of
Product Recommendations

A proven track record and great profits

Many of our clients have shared their success with us on social media and we often hear about customers who, after completing projects to our specifications, have seen dramatic increases in profits.

Rental uplift per room per week
Annual increase in rental income

Increasing the value of an HMO by Design

  • +£10pw
  • +£20pw
  • +£30pw
  • £3,120pa
  • £6,240pa
  • £9,360pa

What's included

The Guide is divided into 4 parts. Building Refurbishment, Interior Design, Interior Design Themes and Artwork. Also included with the guide are downloadable documents, fact sheets and artwork files that accompany the Interior Design Themes.

Design Inspiration & techniques that will differentiate your property so that it sells itself

We’ve done the creative bit, so all you need to do is put it into practice. Mood boards show you the colours to use and the furniture and furnishings to buy. There’s even files containing colour-coordinated artwork to print out and frame. (The artwork has been sized to match IKEA picture frames).

Practical tips, solutions and downloads that will give you a greater understanding of the Refurbishment process

The guide gives you tips and solutions that will save you time and money on your refurbishment projects. Topics include: how to plan a refurb, layout drawings, project administration, risk and compliance, schedule of works and technology. The guide also includes supplementary materials including: Example Risk Assessment, Ancillary Client Agreement (drawn up but by a barrister), Example Site Notes, Site Admin Instructions, Site Extras Book, Example Contractor Instruction Sheets, Project Expenditure Spreadsheet.

100's of design ideas that will save you loads of time searching for products.

If you are furnishing a property, be it a Furnished Let, a Co-living project or Serviced Accommodation, our guide shows you where to buy and how much everything costs. For developers we've been to trade shows and included information on where to source furniture and dressing items from trade suppliers.

Downloads, Factsheets and Artwork

The Design Guide also includes documents and factsheets that explain the refurbishment process in more detail and simplify the project management process. There are artwork files that accompany the Interior Design Themes that can be printed out online and then used with IKEA picture frames.

What our clients say

“I'm very proud to now be at the stage where I am 'dressing' my first HMO this evening after a 2 month complete refurb. It's been a long slog, but delighted with the end product, and so happy that many of the design decisions were effortless thanks to Julian Maurice's guidance and HMO Manual.”
Jacqueline Corden
“New colours to 2 bed flat, an extra £900 pa, bring it up to an additional £1500! Here's to the next! Many Thanks Julian for great tips...I've just shown 1st tenant 'the purple room' and she took it straightaway...£15 on paint, £19.99 on silver mirror, £20 on cushions & up by £600 a that's a fantastic ROI! My tradesmen had better get used to life beyond magnolia!”
Nikki Pope
“Inspired by your November presentation & carried out quick 90-minute makeovers on two rooms that came up for rent. I find it amazing what a difference it makes to have a bright coloured feature wall like this, both rooms let to the first person who walked in the door!”
David Morrison
pin Graduate

Easily Available Finishing touches

Our design schemes use great-value products and materials from familiar names like Ikea, The Range and B&Q. We’ve scoured the shelves to pick out the products that coordinate well together, so all you need to do is add them to your trolley.

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