Our Design Consultancy Service

Helping property investors and developers maximise the value of their projects

The benefits of using an Interior Designer with industry experience

Investing in property is an expensive business, having a good designer on your team will ensure the long-term success of your investment. A Designer’s role is to add value and appeal to a product. A Designer’s work is the part of the process that the customer really appreciates and therefore pays extra for if it’s done right.

Most of our clients are buy-&-hold property investors and property developers who are looking for long-term design solutions. A good Interior Designer will understand the value in creating interiors that are not only attractive and easy to live in but are also efficient to manage, using reliable and easy to source materials that make it simple to maintain over time.

Good Design means happy customers and higher, more consistent profits

Whether you are investing in a single let property, shared accommodation, a commercial to residential conversion or serviced accommodation, a well designed interior will ensure that the property will sell itself when advertised, will stir the emotions when viewed and will be enjoyed when used. This will lead to happier customers paying more money, staying longer and giving your business better customer reviews.

Is using an Interior Designer expensive?

Obviously, it’s cheaper to do the work yourself, however the cost of not using a designer when so much is at stake, can mean losing £10’s of 1000’s during the lifetime of a project, or worst-case scenario, project failure.

Customers only really notice bad design, which often leads to frustration. If a room or property is badly designed, it can also lead to stress and discomfort, leading to voids, tenant issues and low customer ratings.

Bad design can also be more expensive as poor quality materials may fail, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Our Consultation Services are priced so that Good Design is accessible to all budgets. As our service is measured in better financial results, it pays for itself many, many times over.

Understanding the challenges

Most of our clients are under time pressure. Working with contractors and short timescales often means that things just can’t wait so our consultations allow us to work with our clients and create and approve ideas in real-time.

Our meetings are face-to-face over Zoom, this saves time, money and allows us to deliver a fast, low-cost and very efficient service.

As our work is measured in increased value, our service pays for itself many times over.

How we help our clients maximise the profitability of their projects

Space & Layout planning -making the best use of space
This allows you to test your layout to ensure that the design functions properly and that the space. A layout plan can also be used during the tendering process and will allow you to obtain more accurate quotations.

Electrical Layout Planning adding
Adding electrical sockets, different lighting solutions, TV points, CAT5 and other useful utilities into the drawings. This adds user functionality and greatly improves the customer experience.

More ways we can help you increase the value of your property project

Decor Planning adding visual appeal and creating the WOW factor
Colour and decorating techniques give a property the WOW Factor. A colour plan is vital if you want your property to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

Materials & furnishing Specifications
We help clients specify all the Design elements, light fittings, kitchen style, tiles, flooring, carpets, door furniture, radiators, bathrooms accessories and furnishing choices for your project.

What our clients say

“I must admit I’m another happy client. I operate SA in Liverpool and our area is saturated with properties so quite a few of my colleagues have no bookings. My property has attracted bookings from as far away as Japan and Australia and I am now securing bookings for next year.”
Nancy Allen
Serviced Accommodation Investor
“My 6 bed HMO is finally complete. I bought this one at £325k and it’s now valued at £550k. I have broken the local rental ceiling by £50 per calendar month. I have also been put forward as a finalist for the council’s ‘Most Improved Property 2019 Award’ next month.”
Richie Miller
Shared Accommodation Investor
“Our HMO is ready to move into on Monday! Big news is… we’ve hit the maximum rental for the area and achieved the maximum valuation we were looking for… BOOM! Thank you, Julian Maurice for all your Interior Design tips and colour guidance.”
Sian Lewry
Shared accommodation and Serviced Accommodation Investor

We’d love to hear about your project and help you make it a success